LoSalt, the UK’s leading reduced sodium salt brand, are delighted to be joined by TV presenter and cook Sally Bee at this years This Morning Live to bring a host of delicious recipes to the Food and Drink Stage to show you how easy it is to ‘Eat for Health’.

As a heart patient and healthy heart campaigner, Sally knows first-hand the importance of a low sodium diet. As a passionate foodie and cook too, Sally knows how a little salt is sometimes essential to bring out the delicious flavours of healthy ingredients. She will be showing how you can do exactly that with cooking demonstrations on the Food and Drink Stage, which LoSalt are excited to once again be the main sponsors of.

So what actually is LoSalt? LoSalt is simply a combination of two natural mineral salts – potassium chloride and sodium chloride – expertly blended to provide all the great taste of regular salts.

It is the excess salt (sodium chloride) in the diet that can increase the risk of high blood pressure, which – in turn – is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. As LoSalt has 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts (which are 100% sodium chloride), LoSalt is an easy health swap you can make at home to reduce your family’s salt intake.

Used in exactly the same way as regular salts, LoSalt can be used for seasoning, cooking, baking and even curing, without compromising on flavour. You won’t even notice the difference!

So why not pop by the LoSalt stand (F1 – opposite the Food & Drink Stage) and find out more about how you can use LoSalt as part of a healthier lifestyle, take away some samples to try for yourself, and watch some cooking demonstrations from Sally Bee and other top chefs at the Food and Drink Stage.

For recipe ideas and more information on LoSalt, visit www.losalt.com