Neurovalens, founded by Dr. Jason McKeown, will be at This Morning Live this year showing how technology, and a little neuroscience, can help you lose weight, in the form of Modius – the weight-loss headset.

Dr. McKeown told This Morning Live, “Together, science and technology have huge potential to improve the lives of billions of people across the world. This understanding is core to the mission of Neurovalens and we are delighted to be at This Morning Live this year with our passionate and talented team. We can’t wait to showcase our technology that will help so many people who struggle with their weight.”

Research by Neurovalens recently revealed, 80% of Brits do not believe that a ‘happy diet’ exists. A staggering 70% put on more weight than they lost, once their diet is finished. Almost three-quarters of the country (72% of) are not happy with their weight and more than a quarter of the country (26%) is on a diet today. Our weight is important to so many of us, yet no-one enjoys it and even fewer seem to succeed long-term.

Dr. Jason McKeown, continues: “It’s a proven fact. Neuroscience tells us very clearly that, when it comes to weight-loss, our brains are the decision-makers and they are hard-wired to fight back when we lose weight.

“Calorie-reduction diets will fail for most people, almost all of the time because our brains are designed to resist. Embrace technology in 2019! Whether it’s tracking steps with a fitness tracker or using some of the latest neuro-technology which can actually use neuroscience to combat food cravings.”

If you are looking for some tips to keep the weight off this year then Dr. McKeown takes us through his top tips below… 

A really important factor in ensuring you stay on top form is to get enough sleep. The recommended amount varies for individuals but at least 7 hours a night is the norm for adults to function at their best. In order for your body to recharge it is vital to let it rest, however, too much sleep can be counterproductive as this can leave you feeling groggy.

Eating a balanced diet, high in nutrients and vitamins with plenty of fruit and vegetables is incredibly important in maintaining a healthy diet. Skipping meals is a big no, especially not breakfast which is often rich in nutrients and fuels you for the day ahead. What’s more, skipping breakfast can also inevitably lead to more snacking. I believe that if you are on a diet, feel constantly hungry and very conscious that you are dieting… then you are doing it wrong.

Being aware of portion sizes is also key - using smaller plates is a tip that can help guide you on how much is too much. It’s helpful to remember that it takes an average of 20 minutes for your stomach to send a message to your brain to say it’s full, so chewing food slowly can help with this.

Another top tip is to try and avoid snacking after 7pm in the evening. Eating more carbohydrate-heavy meals earlier in the day has also been proven to help prevent weight gain in some cases as our bodies have more time to digest these foods.

Regular exercise is key to maintaining a healthy weight. A brisk walk is a great option as it’s suitable for all levels of fitness and aids weight loss by burning calories, as well as getting you out of the house, filling your lungs with fresh air. It is also great for those who may not be able to do high impact sports such as running or boxing. It’s important to remember that a build-up of activity over time is fine and you shouldn't feel you have to go from nothing to everything in a day. 

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of staying hydrated! People constantly underestimate the importance of drinking enough fluids throughout the day. The health benefits are endless, including higher levels of concentration, maintaining a healthy blood pressure and regulating your body temperature. Two litres of water a day is the recommended amount.

Most of us enjoy consuming alcohol from time to time, (particularly over the summer period) but drinking too much is one of the most common ways you can pile on the pounds. For example, did you know that a glass of wine can contain as many calories as a bar of chocolate?!

If all of this seems unachievable, engage your brain to help - find your motivation in 2019 with Modius. Modius is the latest weight-loss technology that has been designed to gently stimulate key areas in the brain associated with appetite and cravings. The idea is that when people try to lose weight, they find the overall process easier and are therefore much more likely to succeed. Modius is changing the concept of how someone can lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off.


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