Victoria Green, founder and designer of Victoria Green beauty bags will be at This Morning Live this year showing her award-winning designs and speaking about her mission to offer beautiful organisation for life’s adventures.

Victoria told This Morning Live, ‘I believe that organisation is good for the soul. I know that I only feel ready to take on experiences when I’ve packed well and prepared in advance. Our customer research tells me that many women feel the same and that is why I have developed our current collection to offer a truly unique and versatile range of beauty bags which help you travel stress free.

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at This Morning Live and showing them why Victoria Green beauty bags are like no others!’

If you are travelling this year, Victoria offers her advice on how to get organised so you can make the most of any trip.

Tip 1: Get prepped
Take time to prepare your toiletries and beauty bag and plan ahead by decanting large bottles into smaller travel size if necessary. If travelling by air, it’s really important to consider which toiletries will go into checked luggage and which into hand luggage due to security restrictions. Avoid confiscations at the airport by preparing a reusable airport security bag and making sure your items comply with the current regulations. If you’re not sure about these rules, pop by our stand for further information.

Tip 2: Be ready for when the inevitable happens
At some point on our travels spillages happens to all of us, so ensure any beauty bag you are travelling with is leak proof to avoid spoiling your carefully packed capsule wardrobe. Every Victoria Green beauty bag is designed with lined seams to contain any leaks as well as being crafted from wipe-clean materials to allow simple clean ups and continued easy care.

Tip 3: Use a checklist
With so much to remember to pack, getting ready can be overwhelming. Use a checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything vital at home. Use together with a beauty bag with clear view compartments and it’s almost impossible to leave anything behind whether you are packing bathroom basics, essentials medicines or beauty must-haves.

Tip 4: Think about your destination
Whatever your packing and unpacking style, there is one simple tip everyone will love – take a hanging beauty bag. Simply remove from your luggage, unroll and hang to create a bathroom cabinet on the go. Ensure your beauty bag has a sturdy hook, as toiletries can be heavy, and clear view pockets to see all your essentials at a glance. Less time rummaging means more holiday time.

Happy travels! For more tips and to view our beauty bags visit us at