Spring is finally on its way and there is no better way to celebrate than with a spot of spring cleaning. Luckily, our headline sponsor Dunelm are on hand to give us their top tips to freshen up your home and make this years spring clean feel effortless.

Top Tips:

1. Work top to bottom – Thanks to gravity, any dust you don’t catch will fall to the ground, so by starting at the top of the room, you save yourself the hassle of re-cleaning as any dust that falls will be swept up at the end.

2. Work in a circle – Taking this approach will help prevent any spots from being overlooked.

3. Choose the right broom – When cleaning inside, choose a broom with thinner bristle to pick up the small bits of dust and crumbs. Thinner bristles are usually softer, which will save your floor from scratches. For outside, a brush with
stronger, stiffer bristles will work better.

4. Toothbrush and toothpaste – The combination of chemicals and abrasives in your toothpaste helps to remove stains easily and by using a toothbrush you can get to smaller areas more easily and target those stubborn stains with greater force.

5. Foil – Scrunching up a ball of foil creates a great alternative to a scourer. Just don’t use it on items that are likely to scratch, especially non-stick kitchen items!

For more inspiration visit Dunlem here.