Dr Chris Steele MB ChB MBE

Specialised in nicotine addiction/smoking cessation running large NHS smoker's clinics and lecturing all over world on treatments for smokers.

Dr. Chris started on the first episode of This Morning, as the programme's resident doctor, and in that time has achieved a number of 'Television Firsts'; first live breast examination, first live testicular examination, first live vasectomy, first live rectal examination etc.

Other media work includes writing, radio and television on the topic of health.

Dr. Chris' philosophy - the word 'doctor' comes from Latin and Greek words meaning 'to teach', so his job has been to teach the public about medical matters e.g. causes of disease, early symptoms and latest treatments.

1982 - Gold Medal Award for services to patients.
1984 - Man of Year Award for smoking clinic work.
2007 - Health Journalist of the Year.
2008 - Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution to public understanding of healthcare.
2010 - Lifetime Achievement Award for health writing.
2010 - MBE for services to medicine and broadcasting
2016 - Outstanding Contribution to Health Journalism award.

As well as sharing all the awards This Morning has received.

Dr. Chris' proudest professional achievement was taking on the Dept. of Health in 1984 in a legal fight to get nicotine treatments available on NHS prescription. He won the case, then the Sec. of State for Health appealed. He also won the appeal. Since then thousands of smokers have been able to get treatment for their addiction on the NHS.