Ching is an International Emmy nominated TV chef & cookery author who has become an ambassador of Chinese cooking around the world. Born in Taiwan, raised in South Africa and U.K., cookery was a vital connection between Ching and her Chinese heritage. Ching’s approach to cookery stems from the traditional cooking and lifestyles of her farming community grandparents in Southern Taiwan, and these are her major food influences. Her creative food ethos is to use fresh, organic and ethically sourced ingredients to create modern dishes with Chinese heritage, fusing tradition and innovation. Ching strives to bridge cultural understanding through food, making Chinese cooking accessible, healthy and nutritious, appealing to both the East and West.

Ching’s dynamic approach to modern Chinese food is evident in her immensely popular TV work; her influence has spanned a decade in the TV cookery world. Many of her shows are sold, distributed and broadcast around the world. Ching is a regular guest chef on shows such as This Morning (ITV) and Saturday Kitchen (BBC1). She has fronted over 11 series on Chinese Cookery and her credits include; Chinese Food Made Easy (BBC2), Exploring China (BBC2), Easy Chinese: New York & LA ; Restaurant Redemption (Cooking Channel USA) and Ching’s Amazing Asia (Food Network). Ching is a regular judge on Iron Chef America, Iron Chef America (Food Network USA) and The Today Show (NBC).

Ching is passionate about new product innovations and techniques, from producing her dynamic nano-silica “Lotus Wok” to collaborating with Yutaka on a range of high protein, gluten-free, noodles made from Soybeans (launched in all Tesco stores in 2017). Ching has consulted on family owned restaurants to international corporations in hospitality, working with brands to execute successful media campaigns.
Ching is an award winning cookery author, has published eight bestselling cookbooks, the most recent being Stir Crazy, hitting the number 1 spot on Amazon in Chinese Food and Drink.