Neurovalens, founded by Dr. Jason McKeown, will be at This Morning Live this year showing how technology, and a little neuroscience, can help you lose weight, in the form of Modius – the weight-loss headset.

Dr. McKeown told This Morning Live, “Together, science and technology have huge potential to improve the lives of billions of people across the world. This understanding is core to the mission of Neurovalens and we are delighted to be at This Morning Live this year with our passionate and talented team. We can’t wait to showcase our technology that will help so many people who struggle with their weight.” 

Dr. Jason McKeown, continues: “It’s a proven fact. Neuroscience tells us very clearly that, when it comes to weight-loss, our brains are the decision-makers and they are hard-wired to fight back when we lose weight.

“Calorie-reduction diets will fail for most people, almost all of the time because our brains are designed to resist. Embrace technology in 2019! Whether it’s tracking steps with a fitness tracker or using some of the latest neuro-technology which can actually use neuroscience to combat food cravings.” 

Find us at  @ModiusHealth 

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