Trinny Woodall Presenter

If there’s one thing Trinny is known for, it’s how to make women look and feel good. Since her career began as fashion advisor in 1996 while writing a weekly style guide for The Daily Telegraph, Trinny has carved out a unique voice for ladies everywhere, proving that honest and authentic advice can make a real difference to women’s lives.

Making the leap from print to TV in 2001, Trinny took on the role that would explode her career, thrust her into the spotlight and make her a household name - her role as co-host and fashion advisor for five series of What Not to Wear. The award winning show became so popular in Britain that it made the leap across the pond to America, where Trinny became a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America as a fashion and makeup expert. This US takeover broadened her fan base and spread her straight-talking attitude and style saving expertise to a global audience.

Since then Trinny has helped change the lives of over 5,000 women - all shapes and sizes, all walks of life with the belief that every woman deserves to be and feel her best. Keeping it real, Trinny believes that, “If you want to make the best of yourself you don't necessarily need to diet – you need to wear the right stuff.”

This powerful passion for style, teamed with an assertive attitude has won over a tribe of super fans, eager for Trinny’s expert advice in her signature candid and energetic style. In fact, Trinny’s online super fans are growing around the world by the day, with a strong following now established in the UK, America, Australia, Scandinavia and Israel. Her YouTube channel has over 20,000 subscribers, Facebook has over 300,000 followers and Instagram has over 266,000 followers and the numbers are not stopping anytime soon.

More than numbers, Trinny knows how to engage a community – inspiring people to try something new because she has, in particular she loves nothing more than to improve and simplify women’s wardrobes and makeup routines, showing them the latest brands and techniques that will make a difference to them, whoever they are, wherever they are in the world.