Paul A Young Presenter

Paul A. Young is a ground breaking and inspirational chocolatier who is at the forefront of the British chocolate scene. Training as a chef before moving into the world of chocolate, Paul’s passion for his craft and his cutting edge creativity have won him numerous awards, leading to him being ranked amongst the World’s best chocolatiers.

Now the owner of three chocolateries in London, Paul has earned himself a reputation as an incredibly creative chocolatier, a flavour alchemist who incorporates unusual flavours into his chocolates and develops combinations that are original, experimental, sometimes daring, yet always perfectly balanced. This chocolatier is passionate about seasonal ingredients, and incorporates local, seasonal flavours throughout the year in a constantly changing selection of chocolates; spring may well see a ‘ginger and rhubarb chocolate’, with wintry flavours such as ‘spiced pumpkin’ appearing in the colder months.

Paul has won many awards for both his book and his chocolates. For the past two years, he has won Gold in the International Chocolate Awards, including Best Sea Salted Caramel in the World. Also at the International Chocolate Awards, in 2014, Paul was named an Outstanding British Chocolatier. His first book, ‘Adventures with Chocolate’ won the World’s Best Chocolate Book at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards in Paris shortly after publication, and was recently included in the Independent’s Top 50 Cookbooks.

Paul is the only chocolatier in London working in a truly artisan way; he and his team make all their creations completely by hand, in small batches and at every stage using fresh ingredients. No compounds, concentrates, essences, preservatives or additives are used in their creations.

After graduating from University, Paul quickly worked through the ranks of a restaurant kitchen to the position of head pastry chef for Marco Pierre White at Quo Vadis and Criterion. He then moved into specialising in chocolate, opened his first shop in 2006 and has been creating products that have earned him the reputation he has today.

The chocolatier regularly appears on television; This Morning, Sunday Brunch and Junior Masterchef to name a few. Paul’s personality, experimental creativity and dedication to his craft shine through in the quality of his chocolates and through the style of his beautiful, indulgent boutique chocolateries.